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Estate Planning

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Who Will Benefit?


Provide a safety net for your family and loved ones


Give back to a worthy cause to make the world a better place

The Government

Without proper planning, your money goes to Washington

With careful planning, you can be sure your hard-earned assets and family values will be transferred as you wish. Whether your goals include minimizing estate taxes, creating positive change in the world through charitable giving or a combination of both, we can assist you.

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The Process

Our process begins with listening. We listen and consider your history, your concerns and your aspirations. We gather, review and analyze the financial documents which detail your current financial situation. We then summarize our findings and in conjunction with your other trusted advisors, review your current situation, issues and available opportunities that will help you meet your goals.

Once a plan of action is created, we will proceed to implement your plan. We will work closely with all of the members of your advisory team to create, execute and coordinate those plans that will insure the achievement of your estate planning goals.

Wills and Trusts

Typically, our clients come to us with most “Phase I” planning in place, such as standard wills and trusts that take advantage of today’s estate tax laws and various insurance vehicles in place to meet survivor’s needs and possibly today’s estate tax liability. The problem is this: because you are successful, your estate tax exposure continues to grow and the planning you have completed does nothing to address the inflation of your estate tax liability.
While we can assist you with your “Phase I” planning, the value added that Cherry Street Partners brings is the elimination or reduction of estate tax inflation through “Phase II” estate planning.

The Key: Asset Ownership and Minimizing Estate Tax Inflation

The strength of “Phase II” planning lies in techniques that allow wealthy individuals to transfer assets without loss of control, income or principal. Estate taxes are levied on assets that are includible in an individual’s estate. Our work shifts ownership and diverts appreciation on these assets, thereby avoiding the disadvantages of outright ownership (i.e., estate taxes, exposure to creditors and divorce) without giving up the advantages of outright ownership……control and access to income and principal. The result is an estate plan that allows our clients to enjoy their financial success, meets other estate planning objectives and helps families avoid the forced liquidation of productive assets to pay estate taxes.

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