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Executive Compensation Planning

Financial Success...By Design

The Key Players

Who are your key people and where would you be without them? The purpose of executive compensation planning is to attract and retain quality people, enhance loyalty and improve productivity. The end result is an increase in enterprise value and the creation of a solid, long-term management team that will help you meet your personal and business planning goals.

The Process

This planning starts with the establishment of important financial performance metrics and criteria. Concurrent with the identification of budget and long term forecasting goals, the financial objectives of the individual members of the management team are established. The general strategy is to create a plan that expresses your desire to assist your key managers in meeting their personal financial goals as they assist the company in the attainment of specific business goals.

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Incentive Based Plans

In addition to the important company-sponsored group health and retirement plans that are already in place, specially designed incentive-based plans are reviewed. Tied to specific performance metrics, these plans are customized to provide key managers with supplemental benefits that address their cash flow, income tax, risk management and financial independence objectives.

Supplement Existing Plans

The reward for your management team’s loyalty and focus on the attainment of company goals is the attainment of their individual financial planning objectives.
Cherry Street Partners analyzes, creates and implements executive compensation plans to supplement and compliment existing plans, including:

  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Stock Appreciation Rights
  • Salary Continuation Plans

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