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Retirement Planning

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Company Retirement Plans Done Right

Cherry Street Partners believes that your company’s retirement plan is one of the last great tax planning and wealth accumulation tools available for both business owners and their employees, yet it is also one of the most under-utilized tools. What other options are available that provide the same level of tax benefits, growth opportunities, employee retention benefits and creditor protection as a qualified retirement plan?

Creating The Best Plan

Most business owners, when asked if they are maximizing the use of their retirement plan, would say “yes” if they were deferring the maximum amount from their paycheck. However, most business owners would be surprised to learn that with an employee contribution that is often much less than the value of the tax savings realized from the plan, that their salary deferral of $18,000 (2015) could turn into a total contribution of $53,000. Also, with a slightly higher employee contribution, that $53,000 contribution could further turn into a tax deductible retirement plan contribution of upwards of $200,000.

What We’ll Focus On

We will create a custom plan that is tailored to your’s and your companies dynamic needs  
Keep employees informed and educated
We serve as a 3(21) or 3(38) co-fiduciary on all retirement plans
We monitor and alter plans to keep them working toward outlined goals

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Maximizing A Retirement Plan

Maximizing the value of your plan is not only about making contributions and selecting fund options; efficient plan design and comprehensive education are also key pieces to providing true benefit. Qualified retirement planning is as much art as it is science and a successful outcome is based on many different factors. Cross-testing, safe-harbor contributions, cash balance plans or 401k plans are different tools that are available to business owners to meet their retirement planning goals as well as attract and retain great employees.In addition, Cherry Street Partners serves as your co-fiduciary on your plan and so our attention to compliance and liability management is unsurpassed. Whether you are starting a new retirement plan or are uncertain if your current retirement plan is doing all it can for you, Cherry Street Partners can help you analyze:
  • How to maximize deductible contributions while managing employee and plan costs?
  • What is the best plan design based on my personal and business planning objectives?
    • How does my retirement plan affect my business exit strategy?
  • Are the investment options in my retirement plan appropriate?
  • How much risk do I have as a plan fiduciary?
  • Do I have any fiduciary protection as the plan trustee and have I done all I can to mitigate my risk?
  • Am I prepared for a Department of Labor audit?
  • How do I best provide education for my employees to enhance their plan appreciation?
  • What do I do when it is time to roll my money out of the company plan?

Continued Support

Creative plan design, quarterly trustee reporting, frequent employee education in group and one-on-one settings and regular investment reviews are all part of how we support you. Our mission is to help you make the best of a great planning tool.

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